MM720 Glossy White Mouse RGB



The MM720 is a lightweight take on a fan favorite, combining old and new. An ultralight honeycomb shell in a familiar design halves the weight while retaining durability, and new ultraweave cable drastically reduces cable interference. Additionally, gaming-grade sensors and switches ensure top-tier performance for years. Lightweight and legendary, this mouse fits like a glove and packs a punch. Lightweight Honeycomb Shell - Special design reduces weight by nearly half while retaining the same structural durability. New Ultraweave Cable - Super lightweight and engineered in-house to prevent cable snag when swiping. Gaming-Grade Hardware - Optical sensor adjustable up to 32000 DPI and durable switches graded for 20 million presses. Classic Ergonomic Shape - Wide, classic right-handed shape for claw grip, with a finger rest for added comfort. Customizable Through Software - Easily adjust RGBs, profiles, and macros through simple, straightforward software. Upgrade Mouse Feet New-and-improved feet made with PTFE material for low friction and high durability provides a smooth, fast glide without cable pull.

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