MasterBox Pro 5 ARGB ATX Case



The Master Box Pro 5 ARGB is an E-ATX PC case that specializes in build adaptability and aesthetic customization. The internal layout adapts to the motherboard type, ensuring that cable management remains efficient regardless of the configuration. Flexible mounting for storage drives offers a high versatility in drive placement for build efficiency, clean cable management, and offers room for future upgrades. Paired with three pre-installed ARGB fans, aesthetic customization is accomplished with system lighting, the Dark Mirror front panel, and tempered glass side panel. By shading light through a tinted front panel, component lighting is displayed sharper, and with more contrast, to compliment any color scheme and build. Adaptable Layout: Adaptable Layout: Adaptable Layout: Adaptable Layout: Cutouts on the motherboard tray provide ample clearances for specialized builds to fit up to a 10.5" E-ATX motherboard. Dark Mirror Front Panel: Shade light through the Dark Mirror front panel for a sharper contrast of the ARGB fans. ARGB Lighting System: The pre-installed ARGB fans can be managed by either the motherboard or an included controller, connected by the included splitter, to create a comprehensive ARGB lighting system. Tempered Glass: Gaming hardware, custom-loop cooling, and the pure pride of the builder is shown in panoramic view through an edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel. Versatile Cooling Options: Support a total of six 120mm fans, front and rear radiator placement to ensure no compromise on cooling performance.

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