Protective Covers K120 10 Pack



Logitech 956-000013 Protective Covers for K120 (10 Pack) - Protective covers that wrap each key and the whole keyboard. Allows cleaning of keyboard after each use no damage from sanitizing wipes or liquid. [WRAP-AROUND DESIGN] creates a tight seal around each key and the entire keyboard. [THIN LAYER OF SILICONE] covers the keyboard without adding bulk for a great typing experience. [ANTI-DUST AND LIQUID-PROOF DESIGN] delivers the durability schools need, especially in high-used, shared spaces. [EASY CLEANABILITY] allows disinfecting after every use without damage from sanitizing wipes or liquid. Tested to withstand 2,700 wipe cycles with alcohol; equal to 5 classroom sessions per day, 180 classroom days per year over 3 years. [DESIGNED TO FIT THE K120 AND K270], ensuring a tight seal around each key. [AVAILABLE IN SINGLE AND 10-PACKS], giving schools flexibility in ordering.

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