Right Hand Verticle Ergo Mouse



The Adesso Right Hand Verticle Ergo Mouse - The iMouse M3-TAA - TAA Compliant Mouse is an input device designed for GSA sales to goverment agencies, the military, their suppliers and vendors, and other organizations requiring end products manufacturered to U.S. Trade Agreement Act Specifications.The Adjustable Weight Tuning System allows you to control how heavy you want the mouse. It comes with 3x10g weights, mix and match up to 30 grams of extra weights for a personalized feel and control. The vertical design provides better support for your forearm, minimizing wrist pain that can come from twisting. Our vertical ergonomic model helps you achieve a more natural grip, better support, and natural wrist position. With our sleek design and added support, the Adesso Vertical Ergonomic left handed imouse E3 is perfect for long hours.Attain high precision and better accuracy with your choice of adjustable DPI levels. Easily switch from 3 different DPI levels from 800 (green), 1600 (blue), and 2400 (red). The easily accessible DPI button lets you quickly switch between the various computer tasks you partake in throughout the day.Optical sensor technology improves precision and even lets you work on most glass, wood, marble and leather surfaces without need of mouse pad.Simply plug the iMouse E3-TAA mouse into a USB port and you will be up and running. No driver required, works with Windows Mac OS.

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