Transcend 256MB DDR SDRAM Memory Module



The TS32MSD64V3F5 is a 32M x 64bits Double Data Rate SDRAM high-density for DDR333.The TS32MSD64V3F5 consists of 8pcs CMOS 32Mx8 bits Double Data Rate SDRAMs in 66 pin TSOP-II 400mil packages, and a 2048 bits serial EEPROM on a 200-pin printed circuit board. The TS32MSD64V3F5 is a Dual In-Line Memory Module and is intended for mounting into 200-pin edge connector sockets. Synchronous design allows precise cycle control with the use of system clock. Data I/O transactions are possible on both edges of DQS. Range of operation frequencies, programmable latencies allow the same device to be useful for a variety of high bandwidth, high performance memory system applications.

  • 256 MB of memory capacity optimizes your computer resources when you work on fewer applications
  • 200-pin-pin DDR SDRAM operates at up to 400 MHz data bus speed with minimal power consumption and as a result, you get optimal computer performance with an improved memory heat dissipation
  • 333 MHz of memory speed with Unbuffered signal and CL2.5 latency skillfully manages the variety of apps and computational tasks

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