Transcend DDR3L 1600 ECC-DIMM 4GB CL11 1Rx8 1.35V



Built to exacting specifications with the finest chips and materials available, Transcend memory modules undergo strenuous laboratory testing to ensure the best performance possible. Engineered for long life and maximum durability, Transcend DDR3 ECC Low Voltage DIMMs feature Error Correcting Code (ECC) for better protection against uncorrectable errors. Operating at a nominal voltage of just 1.35V, these modules not only produce less heat, but also reduce electrical load on the memory controller to offer power savings of up to 15% versus standard 1.5V.

  • DIMM 4 GB memory smoothly executes complex apps and games
  • DDR3 SDRAM interface multiplexes 2-bit data from memory cell and I/O buses to minimize processor idle time and enhance your computer's performance
  • No matter how heavy and numerous the applications that you are using, 1600 MHz memory speed with Unbuffered signal and CL11 latency will run them smoothly

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