Transcend TS256MKR72V3N 2GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module



The TS256MKR72V3N is a 256M x 72bits DDR3-1333 Registered DIMM. The TS256MKR72V3N consists of 9pcs 256Mx8bits DDR3 SDRAMs in FBGA packages, 1 pcs register in 176 ball TFBGA package and a 2048 bits serial EEPROM on a 240-pin printed circuit board. The TS256MKR72V3N is a Dual In-Line Memory Module and is intended for mounting into 240-pin edge connector sockets.

  • 2 GB memory smoothly executes complex apps and games
  • 240-pin-pin DDR3-1333/PC3-10666 interface multiplexes 2-bit data from memory cell and I/O buses to minimize processor idle time and enhance your computer's performance
  • Up to 1333 MHz speed with Registered signal for playing the latest games and using heavy software

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