Tripp Lite 3ft Mini Displayport to HDMI Adapter Converter Cable MDP-HDMI M-M 1080p



The P586-003-HDMI Mini DisplayPort to HD Adapter Cable (M/M) connects an mDP-enabled computer or laptop to the HDMI port on a monitor, projector or television. With a nickel-plated mDP male connector on one end and a gold-plated HDMI male connector on the other, this cable requires no separate power adapter. It lets you play video and audio from your mDP computer on your existing HDMI display without having to buy a new mDP monitor.

Recommended for displaying crystal-clear video on a large monitor or digital sign, this cable supports high-definition video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p), as well as rich, full audio (if your mDP card supports audio passthrough) and HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection). This passive adapter is designed for use with Dual-Mode DisplayPort++ (DP++) graphics cards. Integral strain relief ensures the cable and molded connectors last a long time.


Send High-Definition Mini DisplayPort Audio/Video Signals to an HDMI Display

  • Connects mDP computer to HDMI-enabled monitor, projector or TV
  • Ideal for displaying video on a large monitor or digital sign
  • No separate power adapter required

Vibrant Video Quality

  • Supports HD video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Supports audio and HDCP
  • Designed for Dual-Mode DP++ graphics cards

Superior Materials for Superior Performance

  • Gold-plated HDMI connector and nickel-plated mDP connector for excellent conductivity
  • Integral strain relief for long life

Package Includes

  • P586-003-HDMI Mini DisplayPort to HD Adapter Cable (M/M), 3 ft.

  • Offers intense audio and video compatibility
  • With HDMI and mini DisplayPort, transfer high-quality pictures and 3D sound effects simultaneously at a high-speed

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